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Welcome to Levitate Pole & Aerial

We are a family-owned boutique pole and aerial dance studio in Bayswater in Melbourne's outer east.  We offer courses, casual classes and private lessons in pole fitness, aerial hoop, aerial silks, aerial sling and dance trapeze.


Pole Dancing for fitness is an increasingly popular way to get fitter and stronger. Try this fun way of exercising minus the boring routine. 
You don't need to have done dancing or gymnastics previously to start pole (it helps but not necessary). We help you develop your skills and strength progressively.   
Courses are available from Level 1 (Beginner 1) to Level 6+ (Elite). Our classes are run in small groups.

Aerial Hoop

Take your fitness to new heights with aerial arts. 
Our Lyra course is progressive. Each week our highly qualified instructor will build on fundamentals skills learnt in previous weeks.  They will teach exercises to build strength; preparing you for more advanced skills.
Courses are available from Level 1 (Beginner 1) to Level 6 (Advanced).  Our classes are run in small groups. 

Aerial Silks

A beautiful form of art and aerial fitness merged into one. Doing aerial silks can improve upper body strength, range of motion/flexibility and brain function and can reduce stress. It's addictive and it's never boring!
Courses are designed  progressively, each week builds on fundamentals and skills from previous weeks.
Courses are available from Level 1 (Beginner 1) to Level 6 (Advanced).  Our classes are run in small groups. 

Aerial Sling

Aerial Sling (a.k.a Hammock) has increased in popularity over the past few years. If you like the idea of a fabric apparatus but don't like to work with too much height, Hammock might be just the right apparatus for you.
Our courses are designed  progressively. Each week builds on fundamentals and skills from previous weeks.
At the moment Sling courses are available from Level 1 (Beginner 1) to Level 3 (Intermediate 1).  Our classes are run in small groups. 


A dance trapeze is a hybrid of a bar and a rope apparatus. It's becoming more and more popular. The ropes of the trapeze are  attached to a single swivel, allowing the trapeze to spin easily. Students who have completed beginner level 1 of aerial hoop training successfully would be able to transition to level 2 of dance trapeze as the level 1 course contents of both are similar.
Courses are designed  progressively, each week builds on fundamentals and skills from previous weeks.
Courses are available from Level 1 (Beginner 1) to Level 3 (Intermediate 1). 

Strength &

​Strength & conditioning focused class - a great complementary class to your pole/aerial training.
No prior experience necessary. Our trainer will adapt to your current level of ability & fitness. This class is run as a casual class.



Lili has been pole dancing for over 15 years. What started out as a trial class quickly blossomed into an obsession. Through pole dancing she also found her love for fitness and strength training, which quickly became her passion. She has since then also branched out to other aerial apparatus. Her two biggest loves now are Pole and Tissu (Aerial Silks).
Lili is a qualified coach who currently teaches Pole and Silks.
She loves teaching and being surrounded by her dedicated students. Seeing their continuous progress throughout their pole and aerial journey are the highlights of her coaching days.

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Kate started pole dancing back in 2012. For her it was a good way to build strength and meet new friends. And it had completely change her life for the better! Twenty kilograms less, a circle of friends she considers family, and a sense of self-confidence she’d never known before – pole was the key to it all! Kate comes from a background in education and is a versatile, experienced teacher.
She loves teaching beginners where she can share in the excitement of watching a student achieve their first climb or invert. She encourages everyone who’s ever considered pole or aerial not to put it off anymore, “No matter how unfit, uncoordinated or any other excuse you find, we will make it work and you just might fall back in love with yourself along the way.”


    Kat is a contemporary dancer and circus artist from the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne. She started dancing at age 4 and studied classical ballet until she was a teenager. Kat went on to major in Contemporary Dance at Deakin University and has been teaching and performing aerials, dance and hula hoops for years but her biggest love is aerial hoop.


      Bec's pole journey began at the first Levitate Fitness open day four years ago when she watched a group pole performance.  Bec was captivated by the strength, grace and elegance of the sport and signed up then and there!
      Ever since, Bec has used pole dancing as a way to restore her self-confidence, build strength and escape the stress of daily life. Along the way Bec has also branched into aerial silks and loves the strength that comes with it!
      Bec is also a qualified osteopath. She is fascinated by how the body works, moves and heals itself and can't wait to use this knowledge to help her students learn and progress along their own pole journeys!


        Nat has been doing aerial since 2017 when she started pole as a way to get fit, meet friends, and put herself out of her comfort zone. The following year led to her beginning both aerial hoop and silks, but she found her calling in aerial hoop. Since then she has enjoyed building her strength, forming friendships, improving her capability, dabbling in performing, and exploring all that aerial has to offer. Outside of the studio, Nat is currently obtaining her Bachelor of Art Psychotherapy, and aspires to support others through all aspects of life, teaching being one of them.


          Phoebe is a life enthusiast and believes that fitness is the key to living a happy and healthy life. She first stepped on yoga mat in 2012 and has not stepped off since. She loves learning new skills and at the same time enjoys sharing her experiences. During her training in Bali as a Yoga instructor, she learned the importance of consistency. The key to any fitness is to practice it consistently. Phoebe mistakenly approached Aerial Silk in 2017, while looking for aerial yoga classes and this has been the best thing in her life as it opened up a new world and opportunities for her. She had fallen in love with aerial silks ever since. She has since expanded her area of interest to another apparatus. If she is not doing Silks you can find her on Aerial Hammock (Sling).


            Claire is a passionate performer and lover of circus. With a background in gymnastics, circus was a welcome opportunity.
            She has trained aerial hoop for 5 years now, and it is her favourite aerial apparatus.
            Claire is a stage and screen actress with a bachelor and honours degree in history. She loves to create and tell stories in her performances.
            She has performed at many showcases and competed in the Miss Lyra Australia 2018 Vic Heats and National Finals, as well as the 2019 Miss Lyra Vic Heats.
            Claire loves to collaborate, perform and share her love for aerial hoop with others.

              Our Team


              Our studio in Bayswater was custom built in 2016.  It's 10 mins walk from Bayswater train station and ample parking is available.

              Pole Studio

              The pole studio has solid hardwood floors,  airconditioning & heating, 40mm diameter brass x-poles, crash mats, a mirror wall and Bluetooth connection stereo.
              Can be booked for practice sessions.

              Aerial Studio

              Has a 7 metre high roof and 9 attachment points suitable for any aerial work. Half padded and half hardwood flooring. There are thick crash mat under each rigging point for safety.
              Can be booked for practice sessions.


              This is where group fitness classes are conducted.  The gym is also available for booking outside gym class time. For times please check casual classes timetable.