Levitate Pole and Aerial

How do I book?

There are few steps to follow for the enrollment process: 1. Download the booking app, Fit by Wix and connect to us by entering the invite code: X1IGRN
iOS App download link
Android App download link
2. Check the latest timetable to choose the course that you want to attend each week and that the course you want is showing 'Book' button for availability.
3. Pay for the term fee: Go to 'Pricing' tab to peruse our different pricing option and choose the correct term fee suitable for your needs, ie:For any Level 1 Beginner course please choose 'LEVEL 1 BEGINNER' pricing option.
Tap 'Select' to open up the description on what is included in the plan.
Tap 'Get Plan' once this is done and proceed with the rest of payment process.
4.The next step is to actually enroll into the classes you want - You must book into the same class & same time each week for the whole term. As tedious as this may be, this is important! This secure your spot for the term.We can not guarantee your spot if this process is not followed through as described.
Please message the studio via the chat function on the app if you need help with finalizing your enrollment.


I can't make one of my classes - what to do?

Students are responsible for their own scheduling management. If you can't make it to a class you must early cancel the class from the app with at least minimum of 8 hours notice before the scheduled class time and you will need to re-book yourself into another class to make up for it. Cancellation made within 8 hours is considered a late cancellation - 1 class will deducted from your pass and you are NOT eligible for a make-up class. A make up class must be taken in the same type and level (or in same type of lower level if the same one not available). Make-up classes are never  guaranteed (always subject to availability).

All your classes must be used by the end of the studio term. No class credit(s) will be carried over to the following term.

What do I wear and bring to a pole class?

Shorts and singlet or crop top are perfect for your pole class. Do not wear leggings as pole require some contact on the skin for you to be able to stick. Heels are not necessary for pole class. If you are attending a Pole Flow or a Pole Dance class, heels are recommended. Knee pads are also essential for these classes to protect your knees. 

Students are required to bring 2 clean towels to any pole class - 1 to wipe down the pole and 1 for perspiration. We supply methylated spirits spray to clean and disinfect the poles. You will be required to hire 2 towels for a fee at the studio if you happen to forget to bring them. $2 fee applicable for each towel.  

What do I wear for aerial class?

Students are required to wear sleeved tops (t-shirt or long sleeve top) covering armpits and plain long leggings with no metal attachments or zippers (as these can damage the silks). For hygiene reasons no crop tops or tank tops are to be worn in any aerial classes.

Is there a minimum age requirement to do pole or aerial?

We offer classes to adults primarily - male and female. We do not specialize in kids classes. The minimum age requirement to participate in any of our classes is 16 years of age.

How long is a term?

Taking into account some of the public holidays in the calendar year, a term can either be a 10-week term or a 12-week term. We also offer a mini term - either a 5-week or 6-week term. Our terms do not necessarily correspond to Vic school term dates.

I want to do 2 courses - is there a discount?

Yes! Absolutely. We encourage students to take more than once-a-week class to build up strength, fitness and see faster improvements. To get the discount for the 2nd course you will need to choose the '2x 10-week term fee' pricing package. You can even do 2 different courses on this pricing package, ie: you can choose to do 1x 10-week Pole and 1x 10-week Silks.

Can I try a class before committing to any course?

Trial classes are usually offered towards the end of each term to let newbies try out our classes. We sometimes also offer Mini Term courses, ie: 5-week or 6-week term. Mini term courses are usually offered half way through the term. Please check our social media pages for any specials which may come up from time to time.

Can I bring a friend to a class as a spectator?

To provide our students with privacy they deserve we do not allow any spectator(s) in any of the training area whilst a class is running.