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Levitate Pole and Aerial

I've never done Pole or Aerial where do I start?

All of our courses are structured progressively. If you have never done Pole or any specific Aerial apparatus before you will need to enrol into "INTRO TO" course. These courses are designed for absolute Beginners with no prior experience on the apparatus.

If you are unsure please refer to the description of the course prior to enroling.

How to enrol:

Enrolment usually opens around 2-3 weeks before term starts and must close the day before term starts. Please refer to timetable for specific dates.

1.Refer to the timetable and choose the course corresponding to the timetable.

2.Check if it's available. When a 'BOOK NOW' button is showing a spot is available. When it is showing "INFO or FULL" it is no longer is available. 

2. Purchase a Pricing Plan to pay for the applicable term fee. **Purchasing a pricing plan alone does not mean you are enroled.

Please action step 3 to secure your spot!

3. The most important step! After confirming your payment go back to the booking page and book into ALL your weekly classes (the same night, same time, same class for the whole duration of the term). You should be receiving individual email for each session that is booked.

I can't make one of my classes - what to do?

Students are responsible for their own scheduling management. We have a strict 8-hours minimum cancellation policy. If you can't make a class you must  cancel your booking from the class giving at least minimum of 8 hours notice before the scheduled class time and you will need to re-book yourself into another class to make up for it. Any cancellation made within 8 hours penalty window is considered a late cancellation, the system will not let you cancel it , the class will be accounted for and you are NOT eligible for a make-up class.

A make up class must be taken in the same type and level (or in same type of lower level if the same one not available). Make-up classes are never  guaranteed (always subject to availability).

All your classes must be used by the end of the studio term. No class credit(s) will be carried over to the following term.

Attire -Pole

Strictly no accessories such as watches, rings, bracelets and anklets. Accessories that cannot be removed must be sufficiently covered with protective tape, sweatbands or similar. It is also advisable to keep your nails short.

Pole: Shorts and singlet or crop top are perfect for your pole class. Do not wear leggings as pole require some contact on the skin for you to be able to stick. Heels are not necessary for pole class. Students are required to bring 2 clean towels to any pole class - 1 to wipe down the pole and 1 for perspiration.

We supply methylated spirits spray to clean and disinfect the poles. You will be required to hire 2 towels for a fee at the studio if you happen to forget to bring them. $2 fee applicable for each towel. 

Attire - Aerials

Our fabric for hammock and silks are delicate and therefore we need students to  be extra careful whilst using them. Only PLAIN long leggings with no metal attachment or zippers are allowed and no personal jewelry or watch to be worn in session. Jewelry that cannot be removed must be sufficiently covered with protective tape, sweatbands or similar. Please also keep your nails short.

Please wear a sleeved top, covering armpits and tummy areas. For hygiene reasons no crop tops or tank tops are to be worn in any aerial classes.

Is there a minimum age requirement to do pole or aerial?

We offer classes to adults primarily - male and female. We do not specialize in kids classes. The minimum age requirement to participate in any of our classes is 16 years of age.

How long is a term?

Each term is 10-week long. We may offer a mini term - either a 5-week. Our terms do not necessarily correspond to Vic school term dates.

I want to do 2 courses - is there a discount?

Yes! Absolutely.  To get the discount for the mulitple courses you will need to choose the '2x 10-week term fee' or '3x 10-week term fee' pricing package. You can do 2 or 3 different courses on this pricing package, ie: you can choose to do 1x 10-week Pole and 1x 10-week Silks. ALL discounted pricing package are offered early on and they have deadline of when they need to be purchased by. Please refer to the timetable to find the date.

Can I try a class before committing to any course?

We offer $15 trial classes towards the end of (currently running) term to let new prospective students to try out our classes. 

Please check our social media pages to keep updated with trial classes offer.

Can I bring a friend to a class as a spectator?

To provide our students with privacy they deserve we do not allow any spectator(s) in any of the training area whilst a class is running.


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